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Teacher Classroom Curriculum Guide
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The Classroom Conversation Guide is a basic guide for teachers and ministry volunteers for use in a Sunday morning classroom environment. The Guide provides some basic instruction for how to make use of the book as a 9-month curriculum in partnership with parents.

Imaginative Prayer is really a gift for generations. It is a guide that was lived long before it was written. In the two years we have used the guide in our church, it has awakened young and old to new ways of letting God come close in prayer and of experiencing in deep and tangible ways being loved by God and becoming that love in the world around them.
– Sherri Harder, Vineyard Church, Des Moines

Imaginative Prayer opened up the Bible again for our kids and gave them an intimate and fresh experience of God's love and activity in their lives. As the pastor of our kids' ministry, I was able to recruit teachers just by sending them a sample of the curriculum. They would read through and respond immediately, asking to be put on for a seven-week block of teaching. It was amazing! This is the first material where I had a child ask me if she could have a copy of what we did in class to take home and read over on her own.
– Debbie Fooskas, Blue Route Vineyard, Pennsylvania